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Bridgin: Paygo Receivables Finance Made Smooth and Interoperable

Bridgin paygo Receivables platfrom by PaygOps

Great news for the off-grid solar sector! We are thrilled to announce that our receivables finance platform, Bridgin, is live and, as revealed during our latest Fintech webinar, it is interoperable with all Paygo platforms in the market, a game-changing element that will drive us closer to bridge the finance gap in the sector and further contribute to achieve SDG7.

Bridgin is our newly unveiled receivables purchase platform, through which investors can easily access and purchase pools of receivables from last-mile distributors who, in return, get instant liquidity to scale their operations. Building upon Solaris Offgrid’s ever-present commitment to build flexible software solutions that empower businesses in profitable ways, with this advanced Fintech tool, we’re on track to give last-mile distributors and investors access to untapped capital markets, where liquidity is unlocked over assets at lower risks and costs than current Paygo financing solutions. Let's take a closer look at it:

How Bridgin financing works vs traditional financing

The original post was posted on in April 2023.

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About Bridgin

Bridgin is Solaris Offgrid's Receivable Financing Solution. Conceived as an online trading platform for accounts receivables, it allows distributors of essential services to unlock liquidity over assets through the sale of their outstanding invoices to investors, offering investors a unique chance to tap into a previously untapped asset class at a lower risk.



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