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Streamlining Capital toward the Last-Mile in the Paygo Sector: Challenges & Perspectives

This is the introductory piece to a series of articles on the potential of receivables financing and why it can be a good fit for the PAYGO/SHS sector, including insights from experts in the industry.

Challenges on the Last-Mile paygo sector

The off-grid solar market is a fast-evolving ecosystem, carrying the promise to transform the lives of millions. As it remains highly capital-intensive, manufacturers and distributors have had to find innovative ways to provide credit along the value chain and to the last-mile customer, where systems are typically sold on credit in the form of Pay-as-you-Go (PAYGO).

Hopes placed in the model are as great as the problem it’s committed to solve. In 2020, 733 million people were still living without access to electricity. That’s one in ten people. But the world had just been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which would turn out taxing for the industry. Concern on the financial sustainability of the model rose - and have not been silenced since.

Was it all a pipe dream?

The original post was posted on in February 2023.

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About Bridgin

Bridgin is Solaris Offgrid's Receivable Financing Solution. Conceived as an online trading platform for accounts receivables, it allows distributors of essential services to unlock liquidity over assets through the sale of their outstanding invoices to investors, offering investors a unique chance to tap into a previously untapped asset class at a lower risk.



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