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Receivables Finance: Powering the Paygo Sector with Liquidity Solutions

Bridgin Receivables Finance

Pay-as-you-go (Paygo) is a credit system that enables consumers to gradually acquire solar lighting systems and clean energy equipment, rather than requiring upfront payment for the product. By removing the financial barrier to access to energy , it paves the way for wider energy adoption, including for unbanked or underbanked populations.

As we delved into the challenges and perspectives of capital for Paygo at the last-mile in our previous article, we introduced receivables financing as a noteworthy contender for a viable financing solution. Bringing capital to companies through their invoices has the potential to solve cash-flow challenges underlying Paygo, boost the profitability of the sector and make this credit model more sustainable for businesses. What exactly is it, where do we stand, and what will it take to take the approach at scale?

What is Receivables Finance?

The original post was posted on in May 2023.

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About Bridgin

Bridgin is Solaris Offgrid's Receivable Financing Solution. Conceived as an online trading platform for accounts receivables, it allows distributors of essential services to unlock liquidity over assets through the sale of their outstanding invoices to investors, offering investors a unique chance to tap into a previously untapped asset class at a lower risk.



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