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Bridgin and UNDP CAP: New Reports on Financial Aggregation

Bridgin and UNDP CAP Financial Aggregation Reports

We're thrilled to share the release of three insightful reports developed under UNDP's Climate Aggregation Platform (CAP), featuring contributions from Bridgin. The CAP is a flagship initiative of the UNDP Sustainable Energy Hub and Climate Hub, funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), aimed at supporting innovative business models and financial mechanisms to accelerate energy access and a just energy transition.

Chosen as one of the winners of the CAP Financial Innovation Challenge, Bridgin's finance mechanism was recognised for its ability to address the energy access financing gap. Now, we're excited to share some of the results of this collaboration.

The Financial Aggregation For Distributed Renewable Energy Report Series sheds light on the financial challenges faced by the energy access sector in East Africa, proposing financial aggregation as a solution to bridge funding gaps and expedite capital deployment. They assess market readiness, identify barriers, and provide actionable recommendations, highlighting the potential for regional collaboration to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy access.

"There is a lot of variance across companies in terms of customer contracts and credit scoring. A lot of companies don’t do credit scoring at all. On customer contracts, you’re not able to fully standardize this across countries because of different laws".

– Siten Mandalia, CEO and Co-Founder at Solaris Offgrid

Read the reports here:

We're grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these insightful reports and collaborate with UNDP's Climate Aggregation Platform. We extend our gratitude to all contributors and partners involved in this important initiative.

Let's continue working together to advance inclusive finance solutions for a sustainable energy future.


About Bridgin

Bridgin is Solaris Offgrid's Receivable Financing Solution. Conceived as an online trading platform for accounts receivables, it allows distributors of essential services to unlock liquidity over assets through the sale of their outstanding invoices to investors, offering investors a unique chance to tap into a previously untapped asset class at a lower risk.



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